Current teaching:
  • Research Experience and Skills Level 2 (BLGY2301)
  • Mediterranean Ecology Field Course (BLGY2313)
  • 20 Credit Research Projects (BLGY3021)
  • 40 Credit Research Projects (BLGY3340)
  • Advanced Topics in Ecology (BLGY3133)
  • Introduction to GIS Skills for Ecologists (BLGY5117M, Module Manager)
  • Masters Mediterranean Ecology Field Course (BLGY5156M)
  • Biodiversity and Conservation MRes Research Project 1 (BLGY5198M)
Previous teaching:
  • Research Experience and Skills Level 1 (BLGY1304, Leeds)
  • Insect Identification (BLGY5162M, Module Manager, Leeds)
  • Biodiversity and Conservation MSc and MRes Summer Project (BLGY5191M,¬†Leeds)
  • Conservation Biology (BIOL3602, Carleton University)
  • Biology Honours Projects (BIOL4908, Carleton University)
  • Postgraduate teaching assistant (several courses, University of Liverpool)
Supervision & Mentoring of Students
I am actively looking to recruit prospective Honours, MSc/MRes and PhD students, as well as postdocs. Please contact me if you are interested in a project in one of my areas of interest (or, for that matter, with projects outside of my current areas of interest).