The Lab

Current members

Christopher Hassall (lab manager). My research interests cover the range of biological organisation from molecular genetics through to macroecology. Particular projects at present focus on urban aquatic biodiversity, the evolution of mimicry, and macroecology. More about my research interests can be found on the Research page.

Sonja Wild (PhD student, 2016-19). Sonja will be looking at the behavioural ecology of Australian dolphins. Co-supervised with Will Hoppitt.

Tom Dally (PhD student, 2015-19). Tom’s project revolves around an evidence-based approach to pollinator monitoring. Co-supervised with Bill Kunin.

Rob Williams (PhD student, 2015-19). Rob will be testing ecological theories around biological invasions using invasive reptiles. Co-supervised with Alison Dunn.

Zak Mitchell (PhD student, 2014-18). Zak’s project focuses on the link between large scale ecological processes and flight biomechanics. Co-supervised with Graham Askew.

Giovanna Villalobos (PhD student, 2014-18). Gio is working on using dragonflies as bioindicators for urbanisation. Co-supervised with Alison Dunn.

Elizabeth Morgan (PhD student, 2013-17). Liz is looking the the spatial foraging ecology of sea birds. Co-supervised with Keith Hamer.


Jennette Fox (MSc student, based at Carleton University in Canada) – contributions of male mate choice to the maintenance of female-limited polymorphisms in the damselfly Nehalennia irene.

Sarah Anderson (Honours student, Carleton University) – patterns of biodiversity in storm water ponds in Ottawa, Canada.

A long list of former project students: David (body size and latitude), Nicole (urban ponds), Alex (schools and nature), Oliver (chemical defence), Ned (size and mimicry), Tom (relaxed selection), Andrew (imperfect mimicry), Milin (intelligence and attractiveness), Simon (beetle ecology), Denny (dragonflies and biodiversity), Jenny (evolution of mimicry), Alex (ladybird mimicry), Tom (phenology and mimicry), Lucy (death feigning), Jenny (rodent dispersal), Sarah (butterfly conservation), Laura (butterfly conservation), Dan (invasive geckos), Andrew (urban ponds), Marie (butterfly conservation), Liz (butterfly conservation), Doug (hoverfly evolution), Alice (quarry ecology), Mel (urban butterflies), Chrissie (evolution of mimicry), Jane (poison dart frog mimicry), Isobel (insect reintroductions), Danielle (noise and behaviour in aquatic insects), Anna (damselfly polymorphisms), Lucy (pond biodiversity), Gary (snake mimicry), Calum (turtle nesting), Danny (thermal ecology), Imanol (freshwater ecology), Rochelle (ecological traps), Samuel (brown field site ecology), Stuart (dragonfly flight)…


I am actively looking to recruit Honours, MSc and PhD students, as well as postdocs (UK, EU or international) to work in my lab at the University of Leeds, UK. I will also consider summer studentships for the right person. If you are interested in coming to work in the lab then please get in touch and we can discuss options and opportunities for funding. Some current funding options for PhDs or postdocs are listed here.